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Astro Homes, is a Division of Cavalier Industries, Inc. Cavalier is a publicly owned corporation, which trades on the New York Stock Exchange. Our trading symbol is CAV. The company specializes in manufactured home production, sales, finance and insurance.
  • Astro produced its first mobile home in 1969 as a privately held corporation.
  • In 1974 the company produced its first manufactured home as prescribed in the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act (known as the HUD-code).
  • The company operated as a privately held until 1995 when Cavalier acquired it. Our traditional manufactured home market has been the Northeastern part of the US.
  • Since the acquisition by Cavalier Astro has redefined their trade area to include Virginia, the Carolinas', and many of the mid western states.
  • Astro distributes homes through a blend of privately owned independent manufactured home retailers, and a network of exclusive sales centers, which are also privately owned, independent businesses, and are not agents of Astro Homes.

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