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  • Wilbur Schult formed a partnership with Walter O. Wells, and the two men began manufacturing Schult mobile homes in a rented garage in Elkhart, Indiana. The first Schult mobile home rolled out in 1934. Early Schult models were more practical than plush.

  • The Sport, produced in 1936, contained such necessities as a coal heating stove, portable water tank, sofa bed and dinette chairs.

  • By the 1940's, the enterprising partners were producing luxury models including a 50-foot portable home for publishing magnate Myron Zobel and King Farouk of Egypt. Schult led the growing mobile home industry with revolutionary designs. Steel frames, forced air heating, built in electrical appliances, and complete interior plumbing all appeared first in a Schult home.

  • When the U.S. government needed emergency housing during World War II, it turned to Schult. Company designers created a revolutionary new product - a manufactured home composed of 8-foot by 24-foot sections.

  • Schult provided more than 2,000 sectional homes for workers at the Tennessee Valley Authority. After the war and throughout the 1950's and 1960's, young families and retirees searching for low-cost, yet roomy, housing began to discover the convenience of living in a Schult home.

  • In 1957, to meet increasing consumer demand, the company opened a larger production facility in Middlebury, Indiana. Later, Schult added a plant in Elkton, Maryland to serve the Northeastern market.

  • In the 1950's, Schult models featured modern dinette sets, fluorescent lighting, venetian blinds, custom-made bedroom dressers, modern plumbing and shower doors.

  • Superior production techniques such as "uni-strength" construction were introduced in the 1960's. And Schult's front bay window, designed in coordination with front kitchen floorplans, was so popular it became an unofficial Schult trademark for mobile homes throughout the industry.

  • By the early 1970's, Wilbur Schult was enjoying his retirement and the company's leadership was turned over to Walter E. Wells, the son of co-founder Walter O. Wells. Schult continued to gain market share throughout the decade with new mobile home designs and popular floorplans.

  • A Schult home emphasized maintenance-free features and energy saving designs. Spacious floorplans, cathedral ceilings, brand name appliances and solid construction all helped build the Schult name and reputation throughout the 1980's. Morning rooms, hobby rooms, and family rooms further enhanced the selection of floorplans.

  • Buyers found more choices available from Schult Homes. Exteriors could be made of vinyl lap, aluminum lap, textured plywood, redwood and hardboard. Manufactured homes from Schult are tastefully designed with today's families in mind. They feature such amenities as walk-in closets, efficient kitchens, luxurious baths, spacious living areas, and large utility rooms. In addition, Schult offers special window effects, solid construction, drywall interiors and energy saving features.

  • No wonder a Schult home has the look and feel of expensive site-built homes. Not only was Schult one of the first companies to produce manufactured homes, but their pioneering leadership through the years has made Schult one of the most respected and trusted names in the industry.

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