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  • Patriot Homes, Inc. was founded in December 1972 by Samuel V. Weidner, Sr. in Elkhart, Indiana. He retains his role as president. The company produces a full line of manufactured housing in single, double and multiple sections, including modulars.
  • The company started manufacturing single-section homes at a facility on County Road 3 South, which is now the Patriot Homes Division. This division produced and shipped its landmark 25,000th home in July, 2000.
  • The company currently has ten manufacturing facilities, and one division which supplies steel chassis; a retail network with more than 600 dealers, over 100 of which have an exclusive Patriot homes agreement or are company owned retail sales centers; a financial division, Patriot Acceptance Corp. and an insurance group, Patriot Asset Protection, Inc.
  • The first expansion in 1981 was the EnergyMate Division, which manufactures sectional homes, state code modulars, cape cods and two story homes.
  • In 1984, Patriot Homes, Inc. acquired a plant in Shipshewana, Indiana and established Lincoln Park Division. This division manufactures sectional homes.
  • In 1986, SouthRidge Homes Division was established through the acquisition of one of the largest, most modern, manufactured housing facilities in Alabama. The product line consists of price-competitive single and double-section homes.
  • In 1993, Patriot Homes Inc. acquired two plant facilities in Waco, Texas, forming Patriot Homes of Texas with a product line of single- and multi-section HUD homes.
  • In 1995, Victorian Homes in Middlebury, Indiana was acquired, producing high-value, moderately priced sectional homes.
  • In July 1996, Patriot acquired it’s first retail sales center with three locations in Indiana.
  • In April 1997, the Heritage American Homes plant in Sikeston, Missouri was formed to produce a product line of full drywall, multi-section homes.
  • The company celebrated its 25th year of business in 1997 and Samuel V. Weidner, Sr. was named "Entrepreneur of the Year" by Ernest & Young.
  • In January 1998, Summit Housing Group, formerly Direct Value Housing, was formed to establish a nationwide network of owner-operated retail sales centers, now totaling over 70 locations.
  • In February 1998, Patriot Homes, Inc. began production at the new Crystal Valley Homes Division, Middlebury, Indiana producing multi-section homes with finished drywall.
  • In July 1998, Pinnacle Homes, Sulligent Alabama was acquired. This facility produces high-value, moderately priced sectional homes.
  • During 1998 and 1999 Patriot acquired or established 25 company-owned retail locations.
  • In April 1999, Patriot Asset Protection, Inc. was formed to provide point-of-sale insurance products to retail customers.
  • In October 1999, Patriot Acceptance Corporation was formed. This licensed mortgage broker provides point-of-sale financing to retail customers.
  • In January 2000, Patriot of Texas doubled its production space and began construction of finished drywall homes.
  • Patriot Homes filed for bankruptcy protection in September 2008. They divided their focus between manufactured mobile homes and modular homes. They have been a long time player in prefabricated housing and operate a very large organization with many resources.
  • Patriot Homes is currently OUT OF BUSINESS.

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