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2012 Palmeco by Nationwide Homes New Mobile Home Model for sale

$65,000 | Park_model | 1 Beds | 1 Baths

Manufactured Home Details

Price: $65,000
Home Type: park_model
Dimension 12ft X 50ft
Beds: 1 Beds
Baths: 1 Baths
Location: Located in a mobile home park
Model: 2012 Palmeco
Purchase Method sale
Status: Active
Posted on Sep 25, 2012
Updated on Dec 14, 2017


Floor System: Yes
Insulationbasf Foam: Yes
Plumbing: Yes
Millwork: Yes
Sheathing: Yes
Wall System: Yes
Appliances: Yes
Bathroom: Yes
Electrical: Yes
Ceiling & Roof: Yes
Windows West: Yes
Cabinets By Merillat: Yes
Ventilation: Yes
Doors: Yes
Siding: Yes
Deck: Yes
Notes: Yes

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Robin Maze

Mobile Home Description

Like our other eco-cottages there are various uses for this model. Create yourself a getaway beach home or cabin that will have your neighbors talking (in a good way). Your eco-cottage will be hip of the block.